ViewCollapseAll @Command (Formula Language)

Collapses all levels of categories, subcategories, documents, and responses within a view or folder so that only the first level of category names appears. If the view or folder has a response hierarchy but is not categorized, ViewCollapseAll collapses all levels of response documents under the main documents.


@Command( [ViewCollapseAll] )


  • A database must be open at the view or folder level
  • You can use this command in Web applications
    Note: The following feature is new with Release 5.
  • This @command works on the Web if "Use applet in the browser" is in effect for the implementing view or folder


This code, when added as the formula for an Action to a view, collapses all main and response documents per category in views that have categories and collapses all response documents under main documents in views that do not have categories.