EditQuoteSelection @Command (Formula Language)

Makes selected text look like an Internet-style reply by prefixing each line with a greater-than sign and removing attachments and other objects. This sets each line of the message to a default length, preventing it from wrapping in unexpected places when sent to non-Notes users.

Note: This @command is new with Release 6.


@Command( [EditQuoteSelection] )


A document must be open in Edit mode and text must be selected.

The greater-than sign is the default prefix. You can specify a different prefix with the environment (notes.ini) variable QuotePrefix.

The default length for wrapping each line is 70. You can specify a different length with the environment (notes.ini) variable QuoteLineLength.

This command does not work on the Web.

If using this command in a hotspot button or any other element that causes a change in focus, the EditGoToField or EditTop command must be used first to return the focus to the document. The document must be in Edit mode.


This form action selects and quotes all the text in the current field.