RefreshFrame @Command (Formula Language)

Refreshes the specified frame in a frameset.

Note: This command is new with Release 6.


@Command( [RefreshFrame]; targetFrame )



Text. Required. The name of the frame you want to refresh.

If you omit the frame name, no frames are refreshed. You can omit the targetFrame parameter if you specify a target frame using the @SetTargetFrame function before executing this command.


If the command is executed in nested framesets that have two frames which share the same name, Notes® refreshes the frame in the outermost frameset only.

In Web applications, @Command([RefreshFrame]) ignores the targetFrame parameter and refreshes only the frame from which the command is executed.


  1. This code, when used in a hotspot button in a frame, refreshes the frame named "right" in that frameset.
  2. This code does not refresh any frames.
  3. This code refreshes the "left" frame of the frameset.
  4. This example is used in a nested frameset named "outerFrameset" that contains two frames, named "left" and "right." Its "right" frame contains another frameset, named "innerFrameset", which also contains two frames named "left" and "right." This code, when used in a hotspot button in any of the frames, either in the "outerFrameset" or "innerFrameset" framesets, refreshes both frames in the "innerFrameset" frameset. It executes on only the "outerFrameset," by updating the contents of its "right" frame.