EditRestoreDocument @Command (Formula Language)

Performs the menu command Edit - Restore.

Note: This function is new with Release 6.


@Command( [EditRestoreDocument] )


In a soft deleted document, restores the document to the view or folder it was deleted from.

In a soft deletions view, restores the selected documents to the folders or views from which they were deleted.

To create a soft deletions view:

  1. Select File - Database - Properties from the menu bar.
  2. On the Advanced tab of the Database Properties box, select Allow soft deletions.
  3. From the View design list in Domino® Designer, select the New View button.
  4. In the Create View dialog box, enter a name for the view, then choose "Shared, contains deleted documents" as the View type and click Ok.

    This creates a view that holds any documents deleted from other views or folders in the database. To permanently remove a document from the database, you must delete it from this view.

This command does not work on the Web.


  1. This code, when used in the Restore action button on a form, enables you to return a document accessed from a soft deletions view called "DeletedDocs" to the view or folder that it was deleted from.

    You may want to add a Hide When formula to the Restore action button so it only displays on the form when the current document is a soft deleted document. Select the Hide action if formula is true check box and enter the following code in the formula window.

    @ViewTitle != "DeletedDocs"
  2. This code, when added to the Restore action button in a soft deletions view, returns the currently selected documents to the respective views and folders from which they were deleted.