ToolsRefreshSelectedDocs @Command (Formula Language)

Refreshes the fields of all the selected documents in a view or folder.


@Command( [ToolsRefreshSelectedDocs] )


A database must be open at the view or folder level and at least one document must be selected. This command executes the Default value formulas for any fields that do not yet exist in the document, the Value formulas for computed fields, and the Input Translation formulas for editable fields, and stores the result in the document.

Note: This is not the same as opening, editing and saving the document. If a form contains event code that assigns fields when the document is saved, for instance, this command will not execute the event code, so those assignments will not occur. Or, if the documents are normally edited with a web version of the form or an XPage, the logic that should assign the fields may be completely absent from the corresponding Notes® version of the form that this command uses. If the design of your application is complex, it is generally not a good idea to use this command; you might instead write a one-time agent to do the specific assignments you require.

This command does not work on the Web.

@Command can only be used in situations where there is a user interface. Background agents, scheduled agents, and agents called from a Domino® web application cannot use this function.