queryAccessRoles (Database - Java)

Returns the roles of a person, group, or server in a database.

Note: This method is new with Release 6.

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public java.util.Vector queryAccessRoles(String name)
    throws NotesException


String name

The name of the person, group, or server. For a hierarchical name, the full name must be specified but can be in abbreviated format.

Return value


A vector with elements of type String.

  • If the name has roles, each element of the vector contains one role.
  • If the name has no roles, the vector has a size of 0.


If the name you specify is listed explicitly in the ACL, then queryAccessRoles returns the roles for that ACL entry and does not check groups.

If the name you specify is not listed explicitly in the ACL, queryAccessRoles checks to see if the name is a member of a group in the primary address book where the program is running: on a workstation the Personal Address Book; on a server the Domino® Directory.