getModifiedDocuments (Database - Java)

Gets the documents in a database that are modified since a specified time.

Note: This method is new with Release 7.

Defined in



public DocumentCollection getModifiedDocuments()
    throws NotesException
public DocumentCollection getModifiedDocuments(DateTime since)
    throws NotesException
public DocumentCollection getModifiedDocuments(DateTime since, int noteClass)
    throws NotesException


DateTime since

The start time for collecting the modified documents. Defaults to the creation time of the database effectively returning all documents.

int noteClass

One of the following to specify the type or types of document collected. You can combine types with a logical or. Defaults to Database.DBMOD_DOC_DATA which collects only data documents.

  • Database.DBMOD_DOC_ACL (64)
  • Database.DBMOD_DOC_AGENT (512)
  • Database.DBMOD_DOC_ALL (32767)
  • Database.DBMOD_DOC_DATA (1)
  • Database.DBMOD_DOC_FORM (4)
  • Database.DBMOD_DOC_HELP (256)
  • Database.DBMOD_DOC_ICON (16)
  • Database.DBMOD_DOC_REPLFORMULA (2048)
  • Database.DBMOD_DOC_SHAREDFIELD (1024)
  • Database.DBMOD_DOC_VIEW (8)

Return value


A collection containing the modified documents.


The end time for the collection is the current database time, which is posted to the UntilTime property of the returned DocumentCollection object. This time should be specified as the "since" time in a subsequent call to getModifiedDocuments where you want to get all modified documents since the most recent call. Do not rely on the system time, which may differ from the database time.

This method throws NotesError.NOTES_NOSUCH_DBGETMODDOCS (4698) "Not a valid GetModifiedDocuments constant" if the noteClass parameter is invalid.