decrypt (Database - Java)

Decrypts a database.

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To decrypt using default encryption strength and compact immediately:

public void decrypt()
    throws NotesException

To encrypt using a specified encryption strength and to defer compacting:

public void decrypt(boolean defer)
    throws NotesException

If defer is set, decryption and compaction occur the next time the database is opened.



Boolean. Specify true to wait and compact the database the first time it's opened. Specify false to compact the database immediately after decrypting it.


Decrypting can only be done locally on a Domino server or Notes client. If run on the Notes client, decrypting requires Manager access in the database ACL. If run on the server, it requires Full administrator access to the server.

Compacting is required to decrypt a database. If defer isn't used and a database can't be immediately compacted, be assured that it will be decrypted the first time the database is opened after the method runs.

Note: The script does not always have exclusive access to the database. In this case, use of the defer option will ensure the method runs to completion.