getOption (Database - Java)

Gets the value of a database option.

Note: This method is new with Release 6.5.

Defined in



public boolean getOption(int optionname)
    throws NotesException


int optionname

One of the following:

  • Database.DBOPT_LZ1 uses LZ1 compression for attachments
  • Database.DBOPT_LZCOMPRESSION uses LZ1 compression for attachments
  • Database.DBOPT_MAINTAINLASTACCESSED maintains LastAcessed property
  • Database.DBOPT_MOREFIELDS allows more fields in database
  • Database.DBOPT_NOHEADLINEMONITORS doesn't allow headline monitoring
  • Database.DBOPT_NOOVERWRITE doesn't overwrite free space
  • Database.DBOPT_NORESPONSEINFO doesn't support specialized response hierarchy
  • Database.DBOPT_NOTRANSACTIONLOGGING disables transaction logging
  • Database.DBOPT_NOUNREAD doesn't maintain unread marks
  • Database.DBOPT_OPTIMIZATION enables document table bitmap optimization
  • Database.DBOPT_REPLICATEUNREADMARKSTOANY replicates unread marks to all servers
  • Database.DBOPT_REPLICATEUNREADMARKSTOCLUSTER replicates unread marks to clustered servers only
  • Database.DBOPT_SOFTDELETE allows soft deletions

Return value

  • true if the option is enabled
  • false if the option is disabled


See setOption for setting a database option.