FTDomainSearch (Database - Java)

Conducts a Domain Search, that is, a full-text search of all databases listed in a Domain Catalog and marked as included for multi-database indexing.

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public Document FTDomainSearch(String query, int max, int sortopt, int otheropt, int start, int count, String entryForm)
    throws NotesException


String query

The full-text query. See the section "Query Syntax" that follows.

int max

The maximum number of documents you want returned from the query. Set this parameter to 0 to receive all matching documents.

int sortopt

Integer. Use one of the following constants to specify a sorting option:

  • Database.FT_SCORES (default) sorts by relevance score. When the collection is sorted by relevance, the highest relevance appears first. To access the relevance score of each document in the collection, use the FTSearchScore property in Document.
  • Database.FT_DATE_DES sorts by document creation date in descending order.
  • Database.FT_DATE_ASC sorts by document creation date in ascending order.

Integer. Use the following constants to specify additional search options. To specify more than one option, use a logical or operation.

  • Database.FT_DATABASE includes Domino® databases in the search scope.
  • Database.FT_FILESYSTEM includes files other than Domino® databases in the search scope.
  • Database.FT_FUZZY specifies a fuzzy search.
  • Database.FT_STEMS uses stem words as the basis of the search.
int start

The starting page to return.

int count

The number of pages to return.

String entryForm

The name of the search form in the domain catalog, for example, "Domain Search."

Return value


A document with a rich text field named "Body" that contains a table of matching document titles.


The current Database object must represent a Domain Catalog.

If you don't specify any sort options, you get the documents sorted by relevance score. If you ask for a sort by date, you don't get relevance scores.

Query syntax

To search for a word or phrase, enter the word or phrase as is, except that search keywords must be enclosed in quotes. Remember to escape quotes if you are inside a literal.

Wildcards, operators, and other syntax are permitted. For the complete syntax rules, see "Refining a search query using operators" in Notes® Help. Search for "query syntax" in the Domino® Designer Eclipse help system or information center (for example, FTSearch (NotesDatabase - JavaScript)), both of which include Notes®.