Domino® view and folder properties that are not supported on the Web

Avoid using the following view and folder features in a Web application.

Views and folders



Private folders are not supported in outlines on the Web.


Private views are not supported.

Options properties

Show in View menu

Web applications do not have a View menu. To exclude a view from the folders navigator, use the Design - Design Properties box to hide the view from Web users, or include the view name in parentheses -- for example, (HiddenView).

On Open: Go To... options

On Refresh options

Style properties

Unread rows

Alternate rows

Beveled headings

Show selection margin is supported for views rendered as HTML, but not for view applets.

Advanced properties

Refresh index options

Discard index options

Views can be reindexed by a Domino® server.

Column Info properties

Show twistie when row is expandable

Expand/collapes icons (twisties) are always shown.

Note: If you embed a view, you cannot dynamically sort a categorized column on the Web or in a Notes® client.