Domino® table properties that are not supported on the Web

Avoid using the following table features in a Web application.

Table Layout properties


Column spacing

This property is not supported in Web applications, but may affect the Width property of a cell, which is supported on the Web.

Minimum height

Row spacing

Table Width

"Same as window" setting is ignored in a Web application.

Cell Borders properties


Color settings for cell borders are not supported on the Web

Cell Border Style

The style options, Ridge and Groove, are not supported on the Web.

Cell Border Thickness

Border thickness settings greater than 1 are not supported.

Table/Cell Background properties


Solid® is the only color option supported on the Web. Gradients will appear as the first color.

Table Borders properties

Border style

Determined by individual cell borders.

Border color

The table color is used.

Border effects

Width is not supported.


Table Margins properties



Table wrap


Table Rows properties

Show only one row at a time

"Switch rows every n milliseconds" and "transitions" are not supported.