Creating a workflow application

Workflow applications let you automate tasks. These tasks most often involve automatically sending mail messages or automatically routing documents, such as tracking orders and project plans to be reviewed. All projects need one or more people to complete a series of tasks and can benefit from workflow applications because they guide the project through these tasks automatically. Workflow applications reduce overhead and errors, speed processes, and track the status of a project. For example, a workflow application might automatically send a document in a publishing company from writer to editor to proofreader to production. At each stage, an individual is responsible for specific tasks related to that document. Once the task is complete, the workflow application ensures that the individuals responsible for the next task are notified and receive the data they need to execute their part of the project.

Examples of workflow applications

The Document Library template (DOCLBW60.NTF) and the Teamroom template (TEAMRM60.NTF) are examples of applications that include workflow features. For both templates, the document you want reviewed is kept in a central database and is not mailed to reviewers. Reviewers receive mail notifying them of the need to review a document. A doclink to the document is often included in the mail.

The Document Library template uses a review cycle so that you can route a document link to a series of recipients. It allows serial and parallel reviews. With parallel reviews, every reviewer receives e-mail notification at the same time. With serial reviews, reviewers comment on the document in a particular sequence and receive e-mail notification only after the previous reviewer has completed the review.

The Teamroom template contains the following workflow features:

  • Parallel review processing
  • Automatic mailing and archiving of newsletters and memos
  • Action item notifications, which send notices of new action items and reminders of past due items

See the Domino® Designer Templates Guide for additional information on these templates.