Domino® form properties that are not supported on the Web

Avoid using the following form features in a Web application.

Form Info properties



Anonymous forms

Merge replication conflicts

Store form in document - Edit mode

Read mode is supported, but do not use for documents that need to be created or edited on the Web.

Disable field exchange

Automatically refresh fields

Defaults properties

On Create: Inherit entire selected document into rich text field -- "as Link" and "as Collapsible rich text"

"Inherit entire selected document into rich text field "as rich text" is supported. The documents must reside in the same database and the database property, "Web Access: Use JavaScript when generating pages" must be selected.

On Open: Show context pane

Security properties

Default encryption keys

Not applicable to Web.

Disable printing/ forwarding/copying to clipboard

Form elements

Layout regions

Use tables to align form components instead.

Pop-up hotspots

ActiveX components, OLE, and OCX objects

Not supported on Macintosh, UNIX, and OS/2 platforms. Supported for display on Windows NT and Windows 95 platforms, but users can't save changes made to objects.

Border controls for tables

If the first cell of a table has a border, the entire table is displayed with a border; otherwise, there is no border because of limitations with HTML.