Domino® field properties that are not supported on the Web

Avoid using the following field features in a Web application.

Notes/FX fields


Field Info properties

Compute After Validation

Give this field default focus

Control properties


Display entry helper button is not supported.

Advanced properties

Help description

Enable encryption for this field

Web users cannot read data in encrypted fields.

Sign if mailed or saved in section

Names fields/Control properties

Choices (for Names fields)

"Use Address dialog for choices," "Use Access Control List for choices," and "Use View dialog for choices" are not supported. Web user access to databases is based on the authenticated name.

Check box fields

Check box selection order

For some browsers, the order of the data returned from multiple selections in a checkbox may be different from the selection order. The data itself remains the same, but the order returned is different.

Rich text lite fields

Rich text lite fields

Rich text lite fields are not available on the Web. Use rich text fields.