@MailEncryptSavedPreference (Formula Language)

Indicates whether the user has selected "Encrypt saved mail" in the User Preferences dialog box.



Return value



  • Returns 1 (True) if "Encrypt saved mail" is selected
  • Returns 0 (False) if "Encrypt saved mail" is not selected


@MailEncryptSavedPreference is used in the Mail template to determine whether to encrypt saved memos. This function is not available in column formulas, selection formulas, or selective replication formulas.

You cannot use this function in Web applications.


You design your own Mail form. To determine whether memos created with your form and then saved should be encrypted, use @MailEncryptSavedPreference to determine the current user's preference. This returns 1 if the "Encrypt saved mail" check box is selected in the User Preferences dialog box, and 0 if the Encrypt saved mail check box is not selected.