@Begins (Formula Language)

Determines whether a particular substring is stored at the beginning of another string.


@Begins( string ; substring )



Text or text string. Any string.


Text or text string. The string you want to search for at the beginning of string.

Return value



  • Returns 1 (True) if substring is contained within string, beginning from the first letter
  • Returns 0 (False) if not


This function is case-sensitive.

If the either parameter is a list, the function tests each element of the second parameter against each element of the first parameter and returns 1 if any match occurs.


  1. This example returns 1.
    @Begins("Hi There";"Hi")
  2. This example returns 0.
    @Begins("Hi There";"hi")
  3. This example checks the field named Topic; if that field begins with the string "All desks memo", returns the string: Junk Mail. Otherwise, it returns the string: Read this first.
    @If(@Begins(Topic;"All desks memo");"Junk Mail"; "Read this first")
  4. This formula checks to see if the beginning of the Signature field contains the strings "Luigi" or "Florence" or "Henri." If it does, the string Verify Signature is returned; otherwise, the string Don't Verify Signature is returned.
    @If(@Begins(Signature; "Luigi":"Florence":"Henri"); "Verify signature"; "Don't Verify Signature")