@IsValid (Formula Language)

Executes all validation formulas within the current form.



Return value



  • Returns 1 (True) if all validation formulas resolve to True
  • Returns 0 (False) if all validation formulas do not resolve to True


Use @IsValid to initiate execution of all of a form's validation formulas, as if the document were being saved.

If validation formulas are added to a form after some documents have already been saved, you can use @IsValid in a macro to determine which of those documents need corrections.


You edit a form after it's been in use for a while, and insert validation formulas into several fields. Now you want to test existing documents to be sure they meet the field validation requirements. You can create an additional field on the form and use this formula to indicate whether the document needs corrections:
@If(@IsValid;"Ok";"Needs corrections")