@Accessed (Formula Language)

Indicates the time and date when the document was last accessed by a Notes® client, whether for reading or editing.



Return value


Time-date. The time and date that the current document was last accessed.


@Accessed is most useful in field formulas, selection formulas, agents, and actions. Because @Accessed requires some time to compute, it should not be used in applications where efficiency is critical.

The value returned by @Accessed is exact only to the day, not the hour. If the document is edited, the property is always updated. If the document is read more than once during the same 24-hour period, the value is only updated the first time accessed.

The last-accessed value is not replicated; each replica copy of the document maintains its own value. The value returned by @Accessed represents the last time the document was accessed in that replica of the database.

If the database is stored on CD-ROM, @Accessed has no meaning because read/write access is not controlled by the Notes/Domino editor.

Usage in workflow applications

This function is useful for determining whether a document has been "stalled" in a workflow application; for example, you can run an agent that checks the last-accessed date on a series of documents and sends out reminders about documents that should have been read but have not.

@Accessed can also be used in an agent to determine which documents in a database have not been accessed within a certain period of time, and archive them.

Note: @Accessed is similar to @Modified, which records the date the document was last edited and saved.

Usage in column or selection formulas

Be careful when using @Accessed in views (in column or selection formulas) because it forces the view to be refreshed every time it's opened. You can prevent this by selecting the Manual/Background option for the view refresh frequency. Using @Accessed in a view will also cause that view to perpetually appear to need refreshing -- the refresh mark will always display.


This formula returns: 06/22/95 10:46:03 AM; if the document was last read or edited on June 22, 1995 at 10:46:03 AM.