@EditECL (Formula Language)

Displays the administration "Workstation Security: Execution Control List" dialog box for a specified address book and name, which lets you change that administration ECL. Administrators can name Administration ECLs. The name is not usually a user name, but whatever name the administrator chooses; for example, Manager, Developer, or LimitedAccess.


@EditECL( server : database ; name )


server : database

Text list. The server location and file name of the address book. Omit server or specify it as "" (null) for the local Notes/Domino directory.


Text. The name of the ECL. Specify "" (null) for the unnamed ECL.


You cannot use this function in Web applications.


This formula edits the administration ECL named "Developers" in the address book on the server Marketing.
@EditECL("Marketing" : "names.nsf"; "Developers")