Linking a database to a template

About this task

You can link a new or existing database to a template.

To link a new database to a master template

About this task

When you create a database from a template, select "Inherit future design changes" in the New Database dialog box to create the link.

When you create a replica (choose File - Replication - New Replica) or a copy (choose File - Application - New Copy), the new database automatically links to the same template that the original database uses.

To link an existing database to a template

About this task

If you link an existing database to a template, the database design is replaced when the server's Designer task runs, or when you manually refresh the design. Thereafter, the design remains synchronized with the template.


  1. Select the template and choose File - Application - Properties.

  2. Click the Design tab.
  3. Highlight the name in the "Database is a template" box, and press CTRL+C to copy it.
  4. Close the properties box for the template.
  5. Select the database to link to the template.
  6. Choose File - Application - Properties to open the Database Properties box.

  7. Click the Design tab and select "Inherit design from template."
  8. Click the Template Name box, and press CTRL+V to paste the name.