Creating a design library template

About this task

If you have several design elements that you want to copy to different databases, you can create a library of design elements. You do this by creating a template that contains all of these design elements. That way, if you want to copy a design element to a new database, you maintain a connection to a source template. This allows you to have a design library template that is maintained and updated centrally and have the changes automatically propagate to all databases that you choose to inherit from that template. This is especially useful if you have forms or images that will be common to a number of different databases that need occasional updating, such as company logos or order forms.

To create a design library template


  1. Create a new blank database with the file extension NSF.
  2. Copy the individual design elements into the template.
  3. Choose File - Application - Properties to open the Database Properties box.

  4. Click the Design tab, select "Database is a template," and enter a template name.
  5. Open the Database Properties boxes of the design elements, click the Design tab, select "Inherit from the design template," and type the template name.