Pilot testing an application

About this task

Once your application has been reviewed, pilot test it with a few users. Make sure that the application works correctly and that all instructions are clear. Because the application users have a different point of view, they often uncover problems missed during the review cycle.

Only the people specifically assigned to pilot test the application should have access to it. The default access should be "No Access." Then you can assign specific access levels and privileges to make sure that certain users can access only what they should. Make sure you retain Manager access, so you can make changes to the access control list during the test period and solicit comments from the testers.

To pilot test an application


  1. Choose File - Application - New Copy to make a local backup copy of your application. Use this backup copy if you need to backtrack from changes made during the pilot test.

  2. Create an "About Database" document to explain that the application is in the testing phase. Give users your name, e-mail address, and phone number, so they can contact you with questions, comments, and suggestions.
  3. Create a Comment form to make it easy for testers to give you feedback. Include the comment form in at least one view. (Make sure that the comment form is marked in the form design to be included on the Create menu, or that a button or action is available to the user to compose the form.)
  4. Choose File - Application - Access Control to add testers to the access control list. Be sure to retain Manager access for yourself.

  5. Ask your Notes® administrator for Write access to a server for the pilot test. Also, tell the administrator which users need access to that server during the pilot test.
  6. Choose File - Application - New Copy to copy the application to the server. Test the application on a single server. Do not create replicas yet.

    For more information on copying a new database to a server, see the topic Copying a new database to a server in the chapter "Deploying an application."

  7. If the database will use replication later on, either to mobile laptops or between servers, confirm that the replication formulas are working and that servers can handle the volume of replication. For example, an annual review system places a demand on the server during the review writing time, but not at other times.

    If users will be replicating, then the pilot needs to confirm that replication instructions are appropriate for the levels of user expertise. While the initial part of the pilot test may be limited to a single server, if the intended implementation involves multiple servers, then the pilot test needs to address some of these issues as well.

    For more information on replication, see Administering the Domino® System.

  8. Keep track of questions that people ask about the function or use of the database. Their questions may include the "Using Database" document or to the design of the database.