Creating Using This Applicationand About This Application documents

About this task

Every database should include a "Using This Application" and an "About This Application" document to explain the database to users.

The "About This Application" document

About this task

Use an "About This Application" document to describe the purpose of a database. You can specify that the About document opens automatically when a user opens the database. To display this document, choose Help - About This Application.

The About document should include:

  • The purpose of the database.
  • The intended audience.
  • The name and telephone number of the database manager.
  • The date the database was implemented.
  • Guidelines for its use.
  • Network requirements if users must be connected to the network to perform certain tasks -- for example, if the application uses lookups that require a network connection.

The "Using This Application" document

About this task

Create a "Using This Application" document to provide users with instructions on using various forms, views, and navigators in the database. To display this document, users choose Help - Using This Application.

  • A brief overview of the application.
  • The purpose of each view and its organizations.
  • The purpose of each form and how to fill it out.
  • The purpose of each agent, when to run it, and the anticipated results.
  • The overall work process being automated, if appropriate, including what happens at each stage. When users fill out documents, they should understand what happens after the documents are saved, and what other users are expected to do.

To create a document


  1. In Domino® Designer, open the database you're designing.
  2. In the Applications Navigator, click Resources.

  3. Double-click "About Document" or "Using Document."
  4. Write or edit the information. You can also create links, buttons, hotspots, and attachments. You can apply text styles, as you would for any Notes® form.
  5. Save the document.

To automatically display the "About This Application" document


  1. Choose File - Application - Properties and click the Launch tab.

  2. Do any of the following:
    • Select "Launch: Open "About Application" document" so that this document always opens first.
    • Select "Show "About Application" document if modified" so that if you edit the document, it opens to users again.
    • If you want each user to see the About document the first time they open the database, select "Show "About Application" document when launched for the first time."
    • Select "On Web Open: Open About database document."


You can use this document as a springboard to a file in another database or another product's file. To do so, use the Database Properties Launch options for "Launch first attachment in "About Application"" or "Launch first doclink in "About Application"".