Checking field design

  • Are fields (including keywords fields) showing the correct information when first displayed?

    If not, check the default value formula.

  • Does every editable field have a Help description?

    If not, add Help descriptions for those fields. Ensure that field descriptions are consistently worded -- for example, all are full sentences or all express commands. Check that ending punctuation is consistent for each. Note that you can also add field hints for each field.

  • Can users enter information in editable fields?

    If not, check the field definition. You may have selected the Computed option when defining the field.

  • Are editable fields formatted correctly once the document is saved?

    If not, check the input translation formula and the format for the field.

  • Are editable fields accepting invalid data or not accepting valid data?

    If so, check the input validation formula.

  • Are computed fields computing correctly? Are they returning values of the appropriate data type?

    If not, check the field formula. The formula may need to include some data type conversion such as @TextToNumber.

  • Do inherited fields inherit their data correctly?

    If not, check the field's default value formula.

  • Do required fields have input validation formulas that display an appropriate message when the user tries to save the document without filling in the fields?

    If not, create the input validation formulas and include an explanatory message for the user.

  • In time-date fields, is the time displaying correctly?

    If not, make sure you selected the appropriate time zone option in the Field Properties box.

  • Are fields aligned properly with a variety of window sizes and on different monitors?

    If not, check the tab settings for the form.

  • Are encrypted fields accessible to users who have the encryption key and inaccessible to all other users?

    Make sure that only authorized users have the encryption key. If unauthorized users have the encryption key, change the encryption key and redistribute it only to authorized users.

  • Do fields have field hints?

    If not, you might want to consider adding them.

For information on writing field help and field hints, see Writing Help for fields.