Editor Server Cluster

The Editor Server Cluster contains the Docs server which provides the core logic for processing of the documents. These servers will communicates with IBM® Connections through the HCL Docs Extension plug-in. When users open or edit a document in IBM® Connections, the web page redirects the user to the HCL Docs service for further processing.


WAS Version and Operating System fields help provide information to IBM® support or those helping with the deployment to ensure the supported WebSphere® server and proper version are being used. The Install Directory (Docs) is where the Docs server will be installed on the Docs node. The OS account for install is the user that will be used for the deployment of Docs. The Cluster Name is the name of the cluster created for Docs.

Table 1. Editor Server Cluster general parametersThis table provides suggested default values pertaining to Docs Server Cluster.

Field Name Parameter
WAS Version WAS_VERSION, for example,
Operating System RHEL_VERSION, for example, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 (x86_64) or WINDOWS_VERSION, for example, Windows 2008 R2 SP1 (x64)
Install Directory (Docs) DocsCluster_INSTALLPATH, for example, /opt/ConnectionsDocs/Docs
JDBC Driver Directory JDBC_DRIVER_PATH_LINUX, for example, /opt/ibm/db2/v9.7/java
OS account for install OSACCOUNT_LINUX, for example, root
Cluster Name IBMDocsCluster
Note: When you type your customized cluster names, follow the rules.


Record all the servers that will be part of the Docs cluster. Docs will need to be separately installed on each of the servers listed in the table.

Table 2. Docs cluster servers parametersThis table provides suggested default values for Docs cluster servers.

Server Node Name Server Name
1 DocsCluster_HOSTNAME_1, for example, Docs01.example.com DocsCluster_NODENAME_1, for example, Docs01 IBMDocsMember1
2 DocsCluster_HOSTNAME_2, for example, Docs02.example.com DocsCluster_NODENAME_2, for example, Docs02 IBMDocsMember2

User repository:

The following user account will be used as the HCL Docs Service account. This account must either exist in LDAP or the built in repository for WebSphere®. By default the docs configuration uses wasadmin for the J2c User ID. If the connectionsAdmin J2C Alias doesn't use this user ID, update the user credentials for the UID/ J2C User ID and Password / J2C User Password fields.

If using an LDAP user, then the user must exist in the LDAP. Populate the Bind DN, CN, and Mail with the LDAP information.

The J2C Alias is used by HCL Docs to access Connections. By default, the Docs component uses 'connectionsAdmin'. If connectionsAdmin J2C Alias does not exist or does not specify the wasadmin userid, update this field, the J2C User ID field and follow the instructions later in the guide on Integrating with Connections.

Table 3. User repository parametersThis table provides suggested default values for user repository.

Field Name Parameter
Bind DN J2C_BINDDN, for example, CN=Docs Service,O=Renovations
CN J2C_CN, for example, Docs Service
Mail J2C_MAIL, for example, DocsService@example.com
UID/ J2C User ID J2C_USERNAME, for example, wasadmin
Password / J2C User Password J2C_PASSWORD, for example, password
J2C Alias J2C_ALIAS, for example, connectionsAdmin
Note: The profile names of Docs Cluster members must be the same, such as AppSrv01 by default.