Editor Proxy Server

The Editor Proxy Server contains the Editor Proxy servers which are used for session affinity in HCL Docs. Session affinity routes requests for the same document from different clients to the same HCL Docs Document server node.


WAS Version and Operating System fields help provide information to IBM® support or those helping with the deployment to ensure the supported WebSphere® server and proper version are being used. The Install Directory (Docs Proxy) is where the Docs Proxy server will be installed on the Docs Proxy node. The OS account for install is the user that will be used for the deployment of Docs Proxy. The Cluster Name is the name of the cluster created for the Docs Proxy.

The Docs Proxy HTTP Port, Docs Proxy HTTPS Port and Docs Proxy IBM HTTP Server alias will be used when configuring the IHS server plugin-cfg.xml file to ensure proper routing of the docs requests.

Table 1. Editor Proxy Server general parametersThis table provides suggested default values pertaining to Editor Proxy Server.

Field Name Parameter
WAS Version WAS_VERSION, for example,
Operating System RHEL_VERSION, for example, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 (x86_64)
OS account for install OSACCOUNT_LINUX, for example, root
Cluster Name IBMDocsProxyCluster
Docs Proxy HTTP Port DocsProxyCluster_HTTPPORT, for example, 80
Docs Proxy HTTPS Port DocsProxyCluster_HTTPSPORT, for example, 443
Docs Proxy IBM® HTTP Server alias VHOST_IHS, for example, Connections.example.com
Install Directory (Docs Proxy)* DocsProxyCluster_INSTALLPATH, for example, /opt/IBM/ConnectionsDocs/DocsProxy

*The actual location that the proxy will be installed is <Install Directory (Editor Proxy)>/Proxy


Record all the servers that will be part of the Editor Proxy server. Note though that Editor Proxy does not need to be deployed on each of the Editor Proxy servers. Instead you can deploy Editor Proxy from one of the Editor Proxy nodes or the Deployment Manager and it will be deployed to each of the Editor Proxy nodes in the cluster listed in the table.

Table 2. Docs Proxy cluster servers parametersThis table provides suggested default values for Editor Proxy servers.

Server Node Name Server Name
1 DocsProxyCluster_HOSTNAME_1, for example, Docs01.example.com DocsProxyCluster_NODENAME_1, for example, Docs01 IBMDocsProxyMember1
2 DocsProxyCluster_HOSTNAME_2, for example, Docs02.example.com DocsProxyCluster_NODENAME_2, for example, Docs02 IBMDocsProxyMember2