SEARCH function

SEARCH returns the position of a text segment within a character string. You can set the start of the search as an option. The search text can be a number or any sequence of characters. The search is not case-sensitive.


SEARCH(find text, text, position)

  • find text is the text to be searched for. The find_text argument can include wildcard characters. To represent any single character, use the question mark (?) in the text that specifies the condition. To represent any number of consecutive characters, use the asterisk mark (*). For example, use B* to match all entries that begin with B, and B??? to match all entries that begin with B and contain three other characters. To represent an actual question mark or asterisk, use the tilde mark (~) to precede the ? or *.
  • text is the text where the search takes place.
  • position (optional) is the position in the text where the search is to start.


=SEARCH(54,998877665544) returns 10.