ROW function

ROW returns the row number of a cell reference.


If a reference is to a cell, the ROW function returns the row number of the cell.



reference is a cell, an area, or the name of an area.

If you do not indicate a reference, the row number of the cell that contains the formula is found. The reference to the current cell is automatically set.


=ROW(B3) returns 3 because the reference refers to the third row in the table.

{=ROW(D5:D8)} returns the single-column array (5,6,7,8) because the reference specified contains rows 5 through 8.

=ROW(D5:D8) returns 5.

{=ROW(A1:E1)} and =ROW(A1:E1) both return 1

=ROW() returns 3 if the formula was entered in row 3.