FIXED function

FIXED specifies that a number be displayed with a fixed number of decimal places, with or without a thousands separator. Use this function to apply a uniform format to a column of numbers.


FIXED (number, decimals, no thousands separators)

  • number refers to the number to be formatted.
  • decimals refers to the number of decimal places to be displayed.
  • no thousands separators (optional) determines whether the thousands separator is used. If the parameter is a number not equal to 0, the thousands separator is suppressed. If the parameter is equal to 0 or if it is missing altogether, the thousands separators of your current locale setting are displayed.


=FIXED(1234567.89,3) returns 1,234,567.890.

=FIXED(1234567.89,3,1) returns 1234567.890.

Note: The thousands separators are different between different locales. The result is generated in the specific locale (en_us), but for the de locale, the result uses "." as the thousands separator.