Downloading a document

After you edit a document in HCL Connections Docs, you can download the file to its original format (Open Document format or Microsoft Office format), .pdf format, or Markdown format(.md).

About this task

For IBM Content Navigator users, see downloading documents.


  1. In an open document, click File > Download > PDF (.pdf), or File > Download > Microsoft Office format (.docx) / Open Document format (.odt), or File > Download > Markdown(.md). The document gets ready to be downloaded as a .pdf file, a .md file, or to its original format.
  2. For .pdf and original format downloading, when you see the Processing is complete message in a new window, click the Click here to download the file link. You can open or save the file from your browser. If you download to .md format, click Save and then the file will be downloaded.
    Note: From the Files application, you can also download the document to its original formats (Open Document format or Microsoft Office format), or to a .pdf file as follows:
    1. In the Files application, click My Files.
    2. Find the document that you want to download, and then click More.
    3. Click Download to download the document to its original formats.
    4. Click More Actions > Download as PDF File and specify the settings that you want in a Page Setup window.
      Note: Only a published version of a document can be downloaded. By default, a document is published every time you, or in a group editing session, the last editor, closes it. If the document is not published, owners and editors can always click File > Publish Now. If you are a reader, ask the owner to publish.