Checking a document into a library from HCL Docs

If you have Libraries enabled in Connections Files, you can also check in or submit files for review through HCL Connections Docs.

About this task

For a .txt file or a file that you created from the Connections Files application, you can use Tools > Preferences to change the default format that the file is published to.


  1. From a file you are editing in HCL Docs, click File > Check In.
  2. Click Check In.
    Note: If there are active co-editors in the draft when you check it in, a window appears to confirm that you still want to check in the draft. To proceed, click Check In. When the check-in completes, the co-editors are notified that their editing session ended due to check-in. The co-editors are returned to the file details view of the draft.
  3. If draft review is enabled for your library, the File > Check In option is not available and you must click File > Submit for Review. Your file is checked in when it is approved by the designated reviewers.
    • When you submit a file for review, click Add Reviewers to designate more reviewers for the draft.
    • In the Comments field, add a description of the draft.
  4. Click Submit for Review.
    Note: If you reopen a file you submitted for review, you can take only limited action within the draft. You can click Stop Review to cancel the review and edit the draft. Stopping the review maintains the draft's current comments and review history.