The generic XML Digital Data Connector data sink | HCL Digital Experience

The Digital Data Connector (DDC) for HCL Portal framework contains a generic data sink. You can use the data sink in combination with HTML forms generated by your HCL Web Content Manager design components.

The data sink plugs into the POC resolver framework. You can address it through the action.uri parameter that you defined in your DDC HTML forms.

The data sink supports simple HTTP PUT, POST, and DELETE operations for XML-based remote APIs. This approach follows the Representation State Transfer (REST) design pattern as used in many existing remote APIs. You can use the data sink to transform form post parameters into XML documents that you can then send to remote service end points. You can control the transformation by using list-rendering profiles. You address the generic XML DDC data sink by using the following URI: ddc:operation:blp:ibm.portal.ddc.xml.

The result data that the addressed service returns is transformed into a generic JSON object. You can access this object in the Web Content Manager design components after the page refresh that is triggered by the form post.