Integrating remote JSON data | HCL Digital Experience

The Digital Data Connector (DDC) for HCL Portal framework provides a generic JSON DDC plug-in that is ready to use for integrating external JSON data of your choice. You can use this plug-in to render external JSON data on your portal pages without having to write custom Java code.

About this task

The generic JSON DDC plug-in supports the concept of list-rendering profiles. It therefore makes it possible to integrate JSON data. The JSON data can be served in arbitrary JSON document formats. A list-rendering profile describes the transformation between a specific JSON document format and the generic bean list data structure that the DDC framework supports. In addition, the list-rendering profile enumerates all attribute names of the items in the resulting bean list that you can add to the result markup. This way, the HCL Web Content Manager Insert Tag user interface can present a dedicated selection box. That selection box contains all supported attributes for a specific list-rendering profile when you author DDC list appearance components.