Sending data to the Web Content Viewer portlet | HCL Digital Experience

You can use HCL Web Content Manager presentation components to create user interfaces for creating, modifying, and deleting external data. With this approach, you use Web Content Manager design components to generate specific HTML form markup.

The HTML form markup triggers a generic portlet action on the Web Content Viewer portlet. The form can use individual input fields to collect information from your web site users in combination with hidden input fields that provide the interaction context. The interaction context includes a target URI that identifies the actual data sink that receives and processes the information that users post by using your form.

In this scenario, the Web Content Viewer portlet acts as a mediator. It forwards the information that the user typed into the HTML form to the specified target URI and sets the result information either as a private render parameter or as a session attribute. After the user submits the form, the portal renders the page with the updates. The list rendering appearance component can then access the result information by using the session attribute or render parameter plug-in tags.