Getting started with Sample Content UI | HCL Experience API

Learn how to get started with the Sample Content UI application on HCL Digital Experience 9.5.

Getting started

Follow the steps to get started with Sample Content UI application:
  1. Go to HCL Software License Portal page and download the Sample Content UI application files.
  2. Open the ui/src/app/app.config.ts file and enter the following values you copied previously (see Sample Content UI Prerequisites): SITE_AREA_UUID, WORKFLOW_UUID, CONTENT_TEMPLATE_UUID, and BASE_URL.
  3. Open a terminal and change to the directory where you extracted the HCL Experience API - Sample Content UI code.
  4. Run the following command:
    npm install
  5. Run the following command next:
    PORT=3002 npm start
  6. Open a new browser, copy-paste and enter your base URL. Log in by entering your HCL Portal credentials.
  7. To know more about the design and code workflow, please refer to the documentation files inside the ui/docs/design folder.