Obtaining a controller for working with resources | HCL Digital Experience

To modify, create, or delete portal resources by using the Controller SPI, you first need to create a controller.

About this task

You do this by using a JNDI based lookup for the correct "home" interface, that is, the corresponding read-only interface.
Note: The provider lookup for a controller home is possible from servlet level code and portlets.
The following controllers are available via JNDI:
To obtain a ContentModelController, perform a lookup for the string ContentModelControllerHome.CONTENT_MODEL_CONTROLLER_JNDI_NAME.
To obtain a ContentModelController, perform a lookup for the string PortletModelControllerHome.PORTLET_MODEL_CONTROLLER_JNDI_NAME.

The LayoutModelController cannot be obtained via a JNDI lookup. You obtain it through its associated ContentModelController.

Example - Obtaining a content model controller:
ContentModelController result = null;
final Context ctx = new InitialContext();
final ContentModelControllerHome home = (ContentModelControllerHome) 
if (home != null) {
     result = home.getContentModelControllerProvider().createContentModelController(aContentModel);
Note: To obtain a ContentModelController, you must pass an existing content model to the createContentModelController method of the ContentModelControllerProvider.
Example 2 - Obtaining a layout model controller for a specific page:
// locate the page for which you want to create a LayoutModelController
final Locator locator = cmController.getLocator();
final ContentPage page = (ContentPage) locator.findByUniqueName("MyPage");

// create a LayoutModelController
final LayoutModelController lmController = cmController.getLayoutModelController(page);