Committing and persisting your modifications | HCL Digital Experience

To persist the modifications that you applied to the controller, you commit the controller.

About this task

You can commit only the ContentModelController and the PortletModelController as only these two implement the Committable interface. You cannot commit a LayoutModelController. Committing the LayoutModelController is included when you commit the ContentModelController from which you obtained the LayoutModelController. Committing the ContentModelController can include committing more than one LayoutModelController.

  1. After you have successfully committed a controller, you must not use it any more. In particular, do not invoke the commit() method again at a later stage.
  2. After you have used a controller, you always need to dispose it.
  3. If you do not want to persist the changes made by using the controller, dispose it without invoking commit() on it.
The following example shows how you commit a controller and then dispose it:
// commit the controller
try {
} finally {