Content Template stylesheets | HCL Digital Experience

Content Template installs with theme-oriented styles and content-oriented styles. The two types of style files are kept separate to support responsive web design and allow targeting of scripts at specific devices.

Base stylesheets
This base stylesheet provides styling for the portal page and is optimized for creation and editing.
  • theme_base.css
This stylesheet provides the base styles that are needed to display Content Template portlets.
  • content_base.css
Large-screen stylesheets
These stylesheets include styles specific to a large-screen layout as large as 1160 pixels.
  • theme_large_screen.css
  • content_large_screen.css
Medium-sized screen stylesheets
These stylesheets include style overrides targeted at devices with medium-sized screens.
  • theme_mid_screen.css
  • content_mid_screen.css
Small-screen stylesheets
These stylesheets include style overrides that are targeted at small-screen devices such as smartphones.
  • theme_small_screen.css
  • content_small_screen.css
Mobile widget stylesheet
This stylesheet includes styles specific to the mobile widgets (carousel, slideshow, and date pickers). These styles are only loaded for smartphones and tablets.
  • content_mobile.css
Print-only stylesheet
This print-only stylesheet overrides the web page layout to optimize the design for a printed page.
  • print.css