Page Component styles | HCL Digital Experience

The page component styles are applied to the various types of page components that are used in Content Template Catalog. The styles are always applied to a container DIV. Subselectors are used to specify the internal formatting of the page component.

  • promoSlideshow – image slideshow with overlaid controls and caption
  • contentSignpost – signpost with breadcrumb and title
  • contentIndex – basic list style for content indexes
  • contentGrid – list style for two-column grid of content
  • subNavigation – style for nested side navigation
  • contentBlock – generic styling for a block of links or information
  • contentSlideshow – slideshow with overload controls, separate caption, and overflow list
  • contentList – basic list
  • contentComboList – list split with resized and cropped images in the first list
  • contentCarousel – carousel with next and previous navigation
  • contentDetail – basic outline for a detailed content page