How to apply the multilingual solution to Content Template sites | HCL Digital Experience

The HCL Web Content Manager Multilingual Solution consists of patterns, tools, and plug-ins for creating and managing multi-language and multi-locale sites.

The Content Template Catalog Design Translations plug-in frees you from having to localize any of the strings in the CTC Design library that are used throughout the Content Template Catalog templates. This plug-in can also be reused to bring in translations to your custom designs.

Follow these general steps to build a Content Template site that is localized by using the Multilingual Solution. Familiarize yourself with both Content Template and the Multilingual Solution before you begin.
  • Start by creating a simple site. Learn how the templates work and what you can and cannot do through simple template instantiation. Having this background knowledge can help you design your site and plan the site build.
  • To understand the Multilingual Solution, read the documentation carefully to understand how the localization patterns work. Learn which pieces of code are supplied with the Multilingual Solution for you to use and customize.

When you have two locales that are built, test them to ensure that the rendering of the site and the localization workflow process are the way that you expect and make modifications as needed.

Note: You can optionally install a set of localized demonstration sites. See The localized CTC demonstration sites for further information.