General content styles | HCL Digital Experience

These styles are applied to the different types of data that is rendered in Content Template Catalog sites. For example, the title of an item is always rendered with “itemTitle."

Overrides for different layout areas, and in individual component styles, allow these general styles to be modified for different usages.

  • blockHeading – headings for blocks of content on the page
  • subHeading – subheading for blocks of content
  • noHeading – used to pull a block with no heading closer to the block
  • aboveitemDetails – wrapper for a block of content item information
  • itemTitle – title for a content item
  • itemSubTitle – subtitle for a content item
  • itemSubTitle2 – second subtitle for a content item
  • itemByline – attribution of a content item to an author
  • itemDate – date posted, published, modified
  • itemSummary – summary of item content
  • itemLink – link to a content item
  • itemImage – image from a content item
  • – used to style an image as a "photograph"
  • contentInfoBlock – wrapper for a block of information
  • contentInfoBlockheading – heading to use in a block of information
  • contentInfo – a piece of information, a link
  • contentInfo.extraSpace – adds extra space
  • contentInfo.strong – styles the information stronger
  • contentInfoIcon – icon to appear in front of a piece of information of a link
  • contentInfoSub – subsidiary information to appear on a link or line of text
  • itemBody – content item body
  • itemVideo – content item video
  • filterForm – styles for a filter form
  • pagingBar – styles for paging controls
  • rating – style overrides for the rating widget
  • tagging – style overrides for the tagging widget