Troubleshooting cloud container | HCL Digital Experience Containers

This section lists the basics of troubleshooting the containerized image or your deployment.

About this task

If the issue is suspected to be specific to the containerized image or deployment, please collect the following information. Otherwise, please follow the standard Mustgather for the reported problem.


  • Provide the proper context regarding the issue.
    • What is failing?
    • What events occurred leading up to the failure?
    • What are the expected results if unclear?
  • Include error messages, logs, screen captures, and other information that may help describe the problem.
  • Include the results of 'docker inspect IMAGEID'.



  • Include the following information:
    • oc version
    • oc get nodes
    • oc describe customresourcedefinitions
    • oc describe DxDeployment -n <your_namespace>
      • To set project:
        oc project <your_namespace>
    • oc api-resources
    • oc api-versions
    • Command or procedure used for deployment.
      Note: See the section for the recommended deployment method, Red Hat OpenShift.
    • The files generated at the time of the deployment and documented at the end of the section on Understanding the OpenShift deployment.


  • What is the version of the Docker engine?
  • What is the operating system?
  • What is the exact command used to start (or attempt to start) the container?
  • Include results of docker images.
  • Include results of docker ps -a
Table 1. Common issues encountered
Issue Solution
  • Out of memory
Ensure that the memory request and the limit defined in the custom resource are high enough for the specified heap size in the Portal configuration
  • DX pod will not start
  • Unschedulable pods
  • Pod has unbound immediate PersistentVolumeClaims
Ensure that the specified volume exists, and meets the deployment requirements. To reuse a volume, see the Delete topic.

Logging and tracing for HCL Digital Experience Containers and services - Access the tracing options that can be used to capture logging and tracing for HCL Digital Experience (DX) 9.5 container based services with container update CF181 and higher releases.