Consumer checklist for exchanging information with a Producer

Use this list to check whether you have obtained and provided all required information that you must exchange with the Producer.

Information that a Consumer obtains from the Producer

Mandatory information:
The WSDL document that contains the service description of the Producer.
The WSDL document must include a description of the two mandatory WSRP interfaces: Service Description and Markup. The WSDL document can contain a description of the two optional WSRP interfaces: Portlet Management and Registration.
Information that can be required
Depending on the setup of the Producer portal, the following information can be required:
The web service configuration of the WSRP services of the Producer portal.
The Consumer needs the web service configuration if the Producer has set up a specific web service configuration for the WSRP services.
The user registry information.
The Consumer might need this information if the Producer has configured message authentication that is based on token forwarding.
Registration information.
The Consumer needs this information if the Producer requires registration. 
Group IDs and handles of portlets.
The Consumer needs these IDs and handles if the Consumer administrator consumes a remote portlet from a Producer portal by using the XML configuration interface.

Information that a Consumer provides to the Producer

Information that can be required.
The information that can be required depends on the security setup of the Producer portal.
User information about users of the Consumer portal who will use the remote portlets.
If the Producer portal has message authentication configured, the Producer must grant the users of the Consumer portal access permission to the provided portlets.