Planning for WSRP | HCL Digital Experience

Before you work with WSRP, plan your configuration based on the information in the following topics.

You can consume portlets from a HCL Digital Experience or from a different WSRP Producer such as the IBM WSRP Version 2.0 Producer for IBM® WebSphere® Application Server.

Prerequisites for WSRP in the portal

If you want to use WSRP with your portal, you must have the appropriate level of IBM® WebSphere® Application Server installed. Refer to the detailed system requirements to determine the WebSphere® Application Server version that is required by your version of HCL Digital Experience.
Note: When creating a WSRP Producer in a Kubernetes environment, you must first import the external certificate used by Kubernetes into the truststore of the WebSphere Application Server and then click Apply and OK.
Figure 1. SSL certificate and key management