Managing your site | HCL Digital Experience

Earlier versions of HCL Digital Experience provided the Resource Manager portlet for performing site management. With Version 8.0 of HCL Portal and HCL Web Content Manager, this site management functionality has been replaced by the new functionality for managing pages.

About this task

Managed pages are portal pages that are managed in Web Content Manager. You can manage your sites and move portal pages from one server to another by using the Web Content Manager syndication mechanism. This has the following advantages over the previous site management feature:
  • You can create drafts of portal pages in the context of a project. You can preview these drafts, including possible updates by other coworkers on the same project.
  • You can have staggered versions of pages.
  • You can define a workflow for the pages. The workflow can include security settings for the pages. For example, you can remove edit rights from a page after the page is approved and published.
  • You can submit draft pages for approval. You can also have the project approved for publication.
  • You can preview the project as if it was published content.
  • You can publish a project or individual pages to the subscriber server by one of the following mechanisms:
    • manually
    • based on date and time
    • automatically, when all items of a project have been approved and are pending for publication.

The only option to use the Resource Manager portlet and the site management functionality with HCL Portal 8.5 is to use a HCL Portal Version 7.0 and its Resource Manager portlet. For information about site management with the Resource Manager portlet, see the HCL Portal Version 7 product documentation: Managing your site.