Using handlers for WSRP web services | HCL Digital Experience

You can extend your WSRP Producer or WSRP Consumer portal by handlers that comply with JAX-WS.

About this task

The WSRP web services conform to the JAX-WS standard. To create and process custom extensions of WSRP messages, you can create and deploy JAX-WS compliant handlers for the WSRP web services.

By default, the WSRP Producer and WSRP Consumer do not use any handler.
Migration note: Up to HCL Portal Version 8.0, WSRP was based on the JAX-RPC standard. If you upgrade your HCL Digital Experience from Version 8.0 to Version 8.5, you must reimplement your existing JAX-RPC compliant handlers to comply with JAX-WS.
Before you can use a custom handler, you must first create a handler implementation according to the JAX-WS specification. For details about the handler framework, read the JAX-WS specification. For information about how to use handlers with JAX-WS web services, read the appropriate information in the WebSphere® Application Server documentation.