Localizer Service | HCL Digital Experience

The portal Localizer Service provides access to the configured default locale and the system default locale. It also provides a list of supported bidirectional languages. Giving the system default locale is necessary because Locale.getDefault() is set to the default.

In the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console, the portal Localizer Service is listed as WP LocalizerService.

Although the locale is set during installation time, you can later change the locale by modifying the following properties in the Localizer Service:

The language of the locale, for example, EN or PT.
The country or region code of the locale, for example, US or BR.
The variant code of the locale.

The default language must be supported by HCL Portal. If you leave all three properties without a specified value, the system locale is used as the default locale.

All properties are case-insensitive. The ISO standard ISO-639 is used for the language codes of most languages. For Hebrew the old language code iw is used. The ISO standard ISO-3166 is used for the country/region codes.