Overview of configuration services | HCL Digital Experience

Get an overview of the HCL Portal configuration services available for the portal.

The following table lists the configuration services:
  1. The first column gives the names of the services and provides links to the respective topics for those services that you can configure in the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console.
  2. The second column gives the name of each service by which you can access the service in the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console.
  3. The third column lists the related properties files.
Note: The configuration for each service is stored in the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console. You can change the configuration only there.
Table 1. HCL Portal configuration services
HCL Portal service Service name in the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console HCL Portal properties file
Administrator Unique Names Mapping Service WP AdminUniqueNamesMappingService AdminUniqueNamesMappingService.properties
Cache Manager Service WP CacheManagerService CacheManagerService.properties
Common Component Configuration Service WP CommonComponentConfigService CommonComponentConfigService.properties
Configuration Service WP ConfigService ConfigService.properties
CP Configuration Service for tagging and rating WP CPConfigurationService CPConfigurationService.properties
Content Access Service WP PortletServiceRegistryService See Content Access Service. PortletServiceRegistryService.properties See Content Access Service.
Data Store Service WP DataStoreService DataStoreService.properties
Deployment Service WP DeploymentService DeploymentService.properties
HTTP Client Service WP HTTPClientService HTTPClientService.properties
Live Object Service WP LiveObjectService LiveObjectService.properties
Loader Service WP LoaderService LoaderService.properties
Localizer Service WP LocalizerService LocalizerService.properties
Model WebDAV Service WP ModelWebDAVService ModelWebDAVService.properties
Navigator Service WP NavigatorService NavigatorService.properties
Portlet Container Service. WP PortletContainerService PortletContainerService.properties
Project Identification Service WP ProjectIdentificationService ProjectIdentificationService.properties
Registry Service WP RegistryService RegistryService.properties
State Manager Service See also URL normalization for search of portal pages by external search engines WP StateManagerService StateManagerService.properties
Virtual Portal Configuration Service WP VirtualPortalConfigService VirtualPortalConfigService.properties
Table 2. HCL Portal security services
HCL Portal security service Service name in the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console HCL Portal properties file
Authentication Service WP AuthenticationService AuthenticationService.properties
Credential Vault Service WP VaultService VaultService.properties
Portal Access Control Services    
    Access Control Data Management Service WP AccessControlDataManagementService AccessControlDataManagementService.properties
    External Access Control Service WP ExternalAccessControlService ExternalAccessControlService.properties
    Auditing Service WP AuditService AuditService.properties
    Access Control Service WP AccessControlService AccessControlService.properties
    Access Control WarmUp Service WP AccessControlWarmUpService AccessControlWarmUpService.properties
    PAC Group Management Service WP PACGroupManagementService PACGroupManagementService.properties
Puma Store and Validation Services    
    Puma Store Service WP PumaStoreService PumaStoreService.properties
    Puma Validation Service WP ValidationService ValidationService.properties
Other HCL Portal configuration services
Table 3. Other HCL Portal configuration services
HCL Portal service Service name in the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console HCL Portal properties file
Credential Type Registry Service WP CredentialTypeRegistryService CredentialTypeRegistryService.properties
Dynamic UI Manager Factory Service WP DynamicUIManagerFactoryService DynamicUIManagerFactoryService.properties
Identification WP Identification Identification.properties
Plugin Manager Service WP PluginManagerService PluginManagerService.properties
Portal Filter Service WP PortalFilterService PortalFilterService.properties
PortletFilterService WP PortletFilterService PortletFilterService.properties
Site Analyzer Log Service WP SiteAnalyzerLogService SiteAnalyzerLogService.properties
Virtual Portal Identification Service WP VirtualPortalIdentificationService VirtualPortalIdentificationService.properties
WSRP Web Service Security WP WSRPWebServiceSecurity WSRPWebServiceSecurity.properties
Web Content Service WP WebContentService WebContentService.properties
Work Manager Service WP WorkManagerService WorkManagerService.properties
Web Content Manager services
Table 4. Web Content Manager services
Web Content Manager service configuration Service name in the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console Properties file
Web Content Manager configuration service WCM_WCMConfigService WCMConfigService.properties
Web Content Manager messaging service WCM_MessagingService MessagingService.properties
Web Content Manager pre-rendering service WCM_PrerenderService PrerenderService.properties
Web Content Manager search service WCM_SearchService SearchService.properties
There is a number of other Web Content Manager configuration services. The Web Content Manager properties files are located in the wp_profile_root/PortalServer/wcm/shared/app/config/wcmservices directory.