Setting up and maintaining a portal farm | HCL Digital Experience

The term "farm" refers to a series of identically configured, stand-alone server instances. The stand-alone servers allow the farm to be increased or decreased without having to worry about complex cluster configurations or inter-server awareness. Server farms offer a simple way to build and maintain a highly scalable, highly available server environment. Creating the farm requires an established content subscriber, two or more installed instances of HCL Digital Experience, and a configured web server for load balancing. The farm documentation covers only the HTTP server plug-in. However, you can use any supported web server.

About this task

Restriction: There is a known limitation when you use managed pages in a farm environment. If you plan to use managed pages, create a clustered environment.
Troubleshooting restriction: If you create a farm client with a read-only file system, you must manually gather logs from the temp directories on the farm members. For a list of extra files that you might want to gather, refer to Collecting Data: Read First for HCL Portal 8.5 and 9.0.